Hello, I'm Darice. I like coding usable & accessible websites.

I live in The Hague and have over 10 years experience with front-end development and CMS applications. The last six years I have been working at a news/magazine editorial as a front-end developer.

I love to spend my working hours doing pure front-end work coding HTML and CSS. I don't shy away from new challenges and enjoy tackling problems and solving them.

Since I lost all my hearing ten years ago I view and experience the world different. This has made me more conscious of accessibility and inclusiveness. When creating websites I don't only make sure it is accessible but also if the user experience is inclusive to everyone.

It has become my mission to create awareness about the importance of accessibility and inclusiveness for everyone. I want everybody, abled or disabled, to be able to use the web equally.

I'm open for new opportunities in a position where I can apply my current knowledge, improve and learn new skills. Preferably with a company that cares about inclusivity and accessibility. Flexible hours and some remote work is a pre.

You can read my blogs, follow me on Twitter or connect at LinkedIn.

These are things I know


  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • SASS
  • PHP
  • mySQL
  • Javascript


  • WordPress
  • Grav
  • Jekyll
  • GIT
  • Unix command line
  • Gulp
  • Photoshop

Do you have an interesting opportunity or any questions?